Monday, May 28, 2012

Antoinette....who knew??

I saw these beauties at a garage sale, and couldn't grab them fast enough. I had big plans for them...I figured they'd be just beautiful in white, or maybe ASCP Paris Grey. Someone would fall in love with them and buy them to take home and make their own. And someone DID fall in love with them. Me.
I had decided to make over my den so that I would have a place to watch TV when I couldn't deal with whatever my kids were watching (they're 20 & 16; need I say more??). The dark wood trunk I was using as a coffee table was too small for me to put my feet up, and when I did a mental inventory of all my unpainted furniture in my shed, these two elegant tables popped into my head. Since I was planning on displaying all white items on my shelves, and since I always had white in mind for these tables, I thought that's what I would use. But a funny thing happened as I looked around the room & picked out all my favorite eye kept being drawn to a different color.
I had just purchased an order of ASCP from Patty Seaman (she's terrific), and had ordered "Antoinette" at the last moment before completing my order. I am not a "pink" person....I love whites & blues...but the color was irresistible. I figured I'd play with it for items for my Etsy shop, or for my daughter. But suddenly I was picturing these beauties in pink, and I couldn't picture any other color.
I know it's hard to see in the light that I had to work they are with some dark wax finish and in their new home:
I just love them!! Pink...who knew?? I have completed the study make-over except for the wall paint color (which will have to wait until my budget allows it)...but that's a story for another post. I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! Mona Kay