Monday, July 5, 2010 "After"!

I love my "nook" where I sit with my morning coffee, watching both the birds at the bird feeder and my puppy playing with her toys. It's a great little area that I created by moving some things around and freeing up some space, changing chairs around several times, etc., but I was never truly satisfied...

I LOVE the rocking chair (a garage sale score...what else?). In my head, however, it became the "mocking chair" as it sat unpainted, day after day, with the thought of taking on this project in the heat of the summer overwhelming me. I also wanted to add a little table, and a mental inventory of my stock told me that I didn't have anything I could use.

Finally one morning at 7:30 am, half-way through my second cup of coffee, I couldn't stand the nook another second. A quick trip into my garage uncovered a damaged, but darling little telephone table which would probably never become "shop-worthy", With a few coats of white paint, however, it would be perfect for my purposes. Before it go too hot, I took on the two projects, chair and table. The little footstool was a re-design of a previous project, and took about 20 minutes - a "how to" will follow in a future post.

I've been dying to display both the lamp and the gorgeous Spode tea cup and saucer, and I'm thrilled to have a place for them!

A rummage through my vintage linen collection lightened the dark little side table, and added a little color to the white chair - no longer does it mock me! Now my morning coffee is a pleasure!


  1. How charming!! You did a fabulous job, it all looks so pretty together!!!
    Thanks so much for adding my button to your sidebar, that was so sweet of you!

  2. Thanks Karen & thanks for stopping by! LOVE your graphics!!

  3. It looks so fresh,now...This heat can zap energy quickly...I found you over at junk revolution...and am following you now. Lezlee

  4. Oh my gosh! This looks so inviting and pretty! Thanks for sharing the 'how to'. Monique xx

  5. Lezlee, thanks so much for coming by!! I'm having fun hanging out with you and everyone at junk revolution :)

    Monique..ALWAYS good to see you! "Liked" you on Facebook today ;)

  6. Holy cow! It was by miracle that you stopped by today. We have that same chair in our attic and I can't wait to paint it now.

  7. Rene, I hope you'll take pictures! I saw the same chair painted white, that's where I got the idea :)