Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Front Room - A Tale of Evolution

It's not bad. It's the set-up of a beginner collector. At this point, the front room in my house was a work-in-progress, after I decided that yes, I am definitely interested in re-decorating with flea market finds, and following the utterly fabulous ideas that I have found on so many decorating blogs (see my blog roll).

Many items I purchase end up in my home instead of listed on my shop...I fall in love with them, and there they stay. An example is the round mirror (featured in an earlier post). Once I hung it on my wall, I knew it would be a very long time, if ever, until I parted with it.

Next, I said "so long for now" to the lamp in the above picture. I love it, but it's not working, and I can't figure out why. I must put it aside until inspiration strikes.

I refinished and sold the bureau (see my "Before and After" page, link above), and moved the dark bureau under the mirror. The contrast seemed to add a nice flair of drama.

While shopping at the Blu Daisy in Clinton, NJ (see my other blog, "The Vintage Years") I came upon this beautiful birdcage. Have you ever picked up a piece and knew that you had to have it...even though it seemed to make no sense?

Finally, I tackled the largest project on my list; the very first piece I acquired on this junking and restoring journey (and it was a curbside freebie, too):

I had some idea that I was going to keep it before I even started, so I went with a bright white, which fit my decor. Here's the finished piece:

That is the original hardware - I was able to get all that green paint off. Next time I will definitely wear rubber gloves when working with paint stripper.

The original top molding was a little plain, so I added wooden appliques. I painted them with an undercoat of black, a couple of top coats of white, then sanded the top for a distressed look:

Here's how it looks under the mirror:

And here is the corner today.

The chair is a "place-holder" for a rocking chair I would like to put in its place. Also, I hate to say it, but I have a feeling that the dark piece may need to go (and by "go", I mean sell, or move to another room - but I have a small house!) doesn't seem to fit. Any ideas?? Anyone think the contrast is okay??

Thank you to all you wonderful decor bloggers out there for your inspiration!! What changes have you make to your abode that you love?

Mona Kay


  1. Could you paint the black piece? Or put it in another spot not as close to the white dresser and lovely (swoon!) mirror?

  2. Thanks Brenda...I actually am DYING to paint the black piece!! But I am a little intimidated by its age and stateliness. I'm very glad you suggested it, I'd love to change its color and keep it - thanks!!!

  3. What a beautiful dresser! You did a very nice job on it! I love the corner.

  4. That dresser is to die for, as is that white mirror. You always do such a fabulous job! I am always changing and painting things around my place too, but they never turn out as good as yours! xx

  5. That dresser is just so gorgeous and it looks great with the mirror!


  6. Don't you dare paint the old piece. It creates balance, light and dark and is awesome! lol Pretty please don't paint it. :) With the change to a rocking chair, you can put a cushion that brings the dark/light together. Monique xxx

  7. Thanks so much for the compliments! I am now CONFLICTED!!! Want to paint it, but the "fors" and "againsts" are balanced...what to do?????

    Monique, I hate to say it, but I am leaning towards painting...say you'll still be my friend!!

    Simone, you are so create such beautiful things that I'll bet anything you paint looks GREAT!!

  8. Hi,

    I just found your blogs while bouncing around the blog world this afternoon and just wanted to say hello! I love your furniture transformations and will be fun to see what you come up with next!