Sunday, September 12, 2010

Student Desk

Well, I just can't seem to shake this's a good think I spent a long weekend two weeks ago working on so many projects, and last weekend moving everything into my new shed, and clear out my work space. I feel like I haven't left my sofa since, during free time - I hate head colds!

So here is one of my projects that I did before I got sick...transforming this little student desk. I almost ruined it trying to figure out how to use a paint sprayer (which I never did learn how to use), so I'm very happy to have it finished!

The den is still being transformed...I sold the coffee table in the picture & temporarily replaced it with the square Ikea table (which will most likely get a "farm table make-over" in the near future). I'm working on window treatments & wall decor, but I'm pretty pleased so far - it is very toned-down from vibrant reds in addition to the yellow.

Hope you all have a great week!

Mona Kay


  1. I hope you can shake this thing soon. I never seem to get head colds, or even colds for that matter. Knock on wood!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I hate being sick.

    That little table looks so wonderful now all fresh with new paint! I've been thinking of buying a Ryobi paint sprayer to use on furniture.


  3. Thanks Brenda...slowly but surely!

    Manuela...please let me know how the paint sprayer works out!!

  4. Your desk looks great. There is nothing like a fresh coat of white. I hope you feel better soon. Cold season is upon us, sniff.


  5. So cute! Great job. :)
    Just found your blog - I'm also 45 and a vintage and flea fan. My sis and I actually just opened our own booth as a baby step toward opening a brick & mortar shop in the future. I blog (more often in 2011!!) at

    See you around...