Sunday, October 10, 2010

Refinished Gun Display Cabinet

I am so excited to have finished the gun display cabinet that I purchased for $5 at a garage sale a few weeks ago!!

It's a beautiful cabinet, but the wood was too dark for me. I knew it was going to look great painted white!

I added the wood appliques (with wood glue) after sanding, but before painting...

I know....I just can't leave this corner alone!! I am having so much fun playing with it's become my favorite trial & error area!!

What projects are you working on??



  1. What a great find for a whopping 5 bucks! Amazing transformation...NICE!!!

  2. Annie, get your gun. That thing is pretty!


  3. The gun cabinet has nice new coating but I am more excited to see shotguns in it. You did great in transforming the vintage cabinet into a magnificent one while I am having problem on what to pick for my gun coat. It’s funny how I think about it though, that you have a gun cabinet and I have a gun. LOL.