Sunday, July 10, 2011

Armoire Upgrade

Well....I looked and looked, but I can't find my "before" pictures of the armoire in my bedroom. Picture a large, very dark, wood box with two plain doors, and you'll get the idea. Anyway, it was a real eye-sore in my blue and white bedroom, but with all the items I was painting for my shop, and some custom orders I needed to complete, it remained dark for a long time. However, over the holiday weekend last week, while in the middle of other pieces, I hauled it out & got started on it.

First it got a coat of Paris Grey. Then I took a look at those plain doors, and, inspired by the look of a striped grain sack I added some detail.

I love to tone down a coat of paint by mixing Annie Sloan Old White paint with her clear Soft Wax, and rubbing a coat of this mixture onto my pieces. I used this technique on the armoire, and it gave it a washed effect, almost like faded linen. I know there's no "before" for comparison, but here's the after:

It looks quite nice in my blue and white bedroom now! It's a real improvement.

One of these days, I'll work on my bedroom, and then I'll be able to show you how it fits in!

Mona Kay
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  1. I love the door detail! The armoire looks great. I've got so many things that need painting, but I can't seem to get a big enough block of time to do anything about it. Someday... In the meantime, I can gaze at what everyone else is painting.

  2. Looks AMAZING! I just finished painting stuff for my new room and I still have SO much to do...blah. And I'm just slapping regular old paint on there! I bet it took you a while to accomplish that beauty!