Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why I haven't been painting furniture - Part One

I have two beautiful tables waiting to be painted. They're gonna look great when they're done!! But they will probably have to wait until it gets colder & not so nice outside...a luxury I can make use of thanks to the low VOC of AS Chalk Paint! Here's the first in my series of day/week trips explaining what I've been up to which doesn't include painting furniture...the first explanation comes from stunningly beautiful Newport, RI!

Do you blame me for making the tables wait??

Stay tuned for northwest New Jersey and some gorgeous fall foliage!!


  1. Mona Kay,
    I have missed you! OMGoodness. What charm and historical beauty you share today! You must have returned home fill with inspiration for painting!

  2. I love Newport, RI. My grandparents and some uncles and an aunt live on the island and it's always a magical place to visit.

  3. not at all! what a beautiful place! i love the chalk paint too, i really need to order more! have a great weekend! susan