Saturday, March 31, 2012

All About the Fabric-Textile inspiration!

I don't know why I'm suddenly itching to work with fabric and textiles again...maybe because I have such yummy florals, stripes, toile, and linens in my stash. With spring around the corner, I'm wanting to add some new designs and colors to my decor. Here's what I woke up thinking about this morning:

Part of my score from a Florida Goodwill store while visiting my parents:

The ruffle tote I made last year:

....or my real lavender sachets:

I just posted on Facebook that I plan to recover and tuft an ottoman. Nothing like an announcement which all your friends, family, and followers can see to keep a girl accountable!! Now I not only have to do it, I have to take pictures!!

Wish me luck!! In my head I'm also making pillow covers......a girl can dream.....


  1. Lovely photos! The lavender sachets are really pretty.

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  2. How is your ottoman coming along, and are you selling your sewing notions on etsy?

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