Sunday, May 15, 2011

I miss white...

After a little more than a year of collecting vintage pieces from flea markets, estate sales, etc., and using them in my home decor, I had hoped that a specific style would emerge; perhaps a Miss Mustard Seed meets Katies Rose Cottage. Nope. I'm having trouble settling down & landing anywhere!

Recently, I added several beautiful pieces from a wonderful estate sale. I love every piece...

But a funny thing happened. I was was looking at some photos I submitted for a contest at the beginning of the year, and I was surprised to discover...I MISS WHITE!!

I never would have thought it! I honestly believed I was moving away from my monochromatic first love...expanding from the philosophy of "if it doesn't move, paint it white". It seems I am mistaken, and perhaps I have more of a preferred style than I knew. It's a bit of a relief, actually!

So...what to do?? Some of the white furniture has been sold, and I love the new estate sale pieces...I see white paint in their future!! Until then...


Has your style evolved, or remained constant?

Mona Kay


  1. My style is... color! color! color! But I do love all your 'clean' white... it looks fab!

  2. Thanks Monique!! I love seeing the colors of all your great fabrics!

  3. I am always surprising myself. Last year..yellow..YUK, this year, in love!