Sunday, May 8, 2011

You tell me....

I'm on my third cup of coffee this morning, tired & sunburned, but excited from yesterday's flea market benefiting South Brunswick High School's Project Graduation. I had a booth to clear out some of my early (newbie) purchases which, as I'm gaining some focus and direction in my collecting/restoring, no longer fit my needs. My daughter also made the chalk-board sign above, which I added to my display...I gave out a lot of cards, and made a lot of local contacts.

And now, over my third cup of coffee, I am contemplating the balance; the net result. For a day's worth of work, I did not clear a big profit after paying for the space. I did not clear out a lot of inventory. However...I talked to a lot of people, many people "ooohed and aahhhed" over my bags (I needed that...I have a beginner's lack of confidence in these items), and I got my name out there in a local, and as far as I know, un-tapped market.

The best part of the day was the refinishing job I got doing a small table. I keep thinking about this gorgeous's a gorgeous soft, honey-toned wood (probably pine or oak) with vintage detail (turned legs, and a sweet little cut-out on each side). It is care-worn and scratched, and I can't wait to get my hands on it!! The owner and I saw completely eye-to-eye on the refinishing...she wanted a satin varnish, but when I suggested a soft, waxed finish instead, she was thrilled.

So...was it worth sacrificing my Saturday?? I think...YES!! I wish I could stay home and let my customers come to me...and maybe as I get better with on-line marketing, that will happen too. But I am a people person, and I really like face-to-face interactions. So I think there will be a few early weekend days...I can bring a sun umbrella, and forgo the late June-early September events (they're just too hot in NJ). I also really like the idea of supporting local efforts like the local high school.

You tell I on the right track??

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  1. I think getting out and meeting people is the ONLY way to go. My sis and I have a booth in a local flea market that we use to destash the fun things we find on thrift-store and yard sale adventures, but we want to also turn it into a place to highlight handmade and repurposed items. We also do the local farmer's market as crafters, and a couple of local craft shows... I love meeting people and they seem more interested in my creations because they met the "artist". Good luck!