Sunday, June 27, 2010

Before and After

I'm not much of a wimp (my daughter is laughing right now), but 90 degree heat in NJ coupled with 110 % humidity has done me in...I've wanted to sand and paint my rocking chair all weekend, but I'm not going out there!!

Instead, I am reminiscing with some of my "before & afters". Maybe I can start sanding at 8pm when the temperature goes down to 82 degrees...

Someday I'll have an air-conditioned and heated workspace...but until then, I'm at the mercy of the weather!

Til next time...stay cool!
Mona Kay


  1. Hey There Mona!

    Thankyou for your sweet comment on my blog (^_^) I really love yours! This post is perfect for me.. I'm just starting to re paint & upholster 2 beautiful wing back chairs & one rocking chair! But it's hot here too & summers are pretty alien to us brits =)

    I can't wait to see how it yours looks finished, you've done an amazing job on the others (love the green one!)

    Take Care =)


  2. Those are lovely Mona...with such talent you HAVE to endure the heat so we can all enjoy your creations :)
    Were running close to 115 here in AZ. I know, yuck!

  3. Thanks Chloe & Arlene!! Chloe, please take pics of your projects!

    Arlene...isn't it a DRY heat in AZ?? just that never gets old :)

  4. Oh oh, I love those blue chairs. the shade you have chosen is perfect!

  5. You are so talented. That green chair is too cute! The heat has driven me inside too. I have a huge pile of project items in the garage, but just the thought of getting out there in 97 degree heat + humidity makes me wilt.

  6. I am SO GLAD I'm not the only one!! My guilt is eased a little ;)

  7. LOVE that bright green chair!! You're so talented!!

  8. I used that same blue and white fabric on an old chair from the Re-Store. I really like that green chair.

    Have a great weekend.