Thursday, June 24, 2010

Early on a Saturday

Lots of people go to garage sales. Some go early, some go a little more leisurely. However, as you can imagine, I am often met with surprise when I tell people that I set the alarm for 7am on a Saturday so that I can get to a garage sale by 8am (I have to have coffee first, after all); and people sometimes ask in disbelief..."WHY??" I never feel as though my answer: "to get to the good stuff first"; is very I'm hoping that a picture is worth a thousand words...HERE'S why:

By the way, before I knew what it was, I was planning my usual restoration and distressed white finish (I just heard a collector somewhere hit the floor from fainting)...but don't worry...I will respect the piece and leave it alone, after cleaning and polishing it. Obviously, someone has replaced the knobs, which I frankly don't love on this piece...they look so wrong. I will do a little research and try to find original or copies of original pulls.

If anyone has any information that they can share with me to help me with my research, I would GREATLY appreciate it! If you are local, (South Brunswick, NJ) don't forget to check my other blog, The Vintage Years for upcoming garage sales.

Happy Picking!!
Mona Kay


  1. Wow! Your really scored here Mona...thats a beautiful piece. I'd go with the white ;)

  2. Thanks Arlene! I think it would look really cute!

  3. Mona, please email me! I won the other giveaway of the MKA/Sue giveaway this week! I just saw this post and I just found a Victrola Talking Machine at my neighborhood clean up this Spring! No joke! Please email me! I painted mine white and would LOVE to share b4 and after pics with you! Mine was in POOOOOR shape compared to yours - it's a beauty! My email is

    Angie. :)

  4. Actually Mona, mine is on my Family blog (the only one I'm keeping up) at - it's under 6/9/10 I believe - the b4 and after. You can see how rough of shape mine was in. And SMOKEY! Oh my! What a great find you got! Love the Cabriole legs, don't you! It's one of my favorite freebies ever! :) Enjoy it! :)