Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In case you haven't heard about the latest new venue for all things for the home, let me introduce you to My Blue Sofa, a free on-line marketplace and community for interior spaces and design, and all things home-related. It is free to create a shop and list items in that shop, and categories include antiques, garden, furniture for any room in the house, and major appliances. I also highly recommend the site's "Blug" (You got it, blog with a "u"), whose author, Arlene Grasman, provides consistently fabulous pictures of all different room designs from modern, to eclectic, to my favorite..shabby & chic.

I had the opportunity to learn more about their CEO, Manuel Garcia, who was kind enough to let me interview him. Here is a little bit more about Manuel:

MK: What do you answer when people ask "What do you do?"

MG: We do what we love. We run an online marketplace and community for furniture and decor lovers, and in the meantime we get to meet amazing people, connect with fabulous designers and so much more. We're definitely lucky enough to say we do what we love!

MK: What made you decide to create "My Blue Sofa"?

MG: It was about two years ago. My wife and I were planning our wedding, and buying furniture for our first home. My wife spent many hours on many websites searching for furniture and home decor items. So I started to wonder, what if there was a website where artisans, and small and distinct furniture shops could offer their products? That was pretty much the beginning of My Blue Sofa.

MK: Ideally, how do you see "My Blue Sofa" helping anyone who calls someplace "home"?

MG: Home is the most important place in the world, and we know how serious people can get when it comes to furnishing that special place. We try to make that process easier, simpler, more effective and add a little joy while doing it.

MK: What is your biggest inspiration/motivator?

MG: God, and my family. I like to enjoy God's creation to the fullest, and get inspired by the little details as well. I like to walk around with my wife and daughter, drink a cup of coffee and take in the little details that life provides. Inspiration is everywhere if we are careful enough to notice.

MK: What’s saved to your “favorites” tab on the internet?

MG: First of all, My Blue Sofa :) I've also got a devotional I like to read everyday (http://devog.wordpress.com). I've got mashable and techcrunch, and about 30 blogs on decor! So besides My Blue Sofa, my mornings are pretty busy reading.

MK: What keeps you awake at night?

MG: Many things keep me awake at night (I tend to be a night-thinker) but above all the responsibility to my wife and daughter are number one on the list of things that keep me up.

MK: What relaxes or soothes you?

MG: Laying on my favorite couch, and listening to a good jazz record with my earphones.

Having a bold cup of coffee in the morning while talking to my wife.

Watching my baby grow up everyday.

I also enjoy playing guitar and piano.

MK:What is your hope for tomorrow?

MG: I have the hope of building a better world for my little Rebecca (she's 2 weeks old!). The world our parents grew up in has changed so much, and a lot has been lost. We've forgotten manners, decency, honor and respect. I want my daughter to grow up in an environment that upholds these principles. It's a challenge!

Learn more about Manuel and all the great people who support this terrific venue by visiting the on-line market at My Blue Sofa. Happy shopping and decorating!!

Mona Kay

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