Saturday, June 19, 2010

First Attemts

Now that I have been collecting vintage items for several months, the challenge is to find a place which will showcase these items I've fallen in love with. Some are easy (a blue shabby cabinet which landed and stayed where it is, and I love it there), some are a real challenge (a rocking chair that I love, but for which I have not found the perfect place)! Here are some of my first attempts:

I originally had the green tufted chair in a nook, and while it looked great; I wanted to showcase it a little more. I'm happier with where it is now. One I'd like another one like it, and I'm not sure there's room!

Here's my "morning coffee" nook where I can watch both the birds at the feeders, and my puppy play with her toys. I didn't like the darkness of the first look, so I made the changes seen in the second picture. I love all of these pieces separately (there's the rocking chair)...but something is troubling me about this arrangement. I plan to paint the chair white, clean and polish the metal lamp, and "up-cycle" the shade (all garage sale or thrift store finds), but I'm not sure that this nook will stay the way it is now. Gotta play some more...

I love this shabby cabinet ($8 at a thrift shop), and while I've moved it around a little, it WANTS to live in the entryway. Fine by me! I'm still playing with what to put on top of it...

This is Sydney. She doesn't really get why I jump up from the sofa where I'm watching TV and start moving furniture around. Maybe she'll get used to it!

Well! These are my first attempts. I hope that practice makes better...I'm not shooting for perfection yet! Let me know what you think!

Mona Kay


  1. your home is so beautiful ... and it's lovely to see the finds in use.
    My Flea Market Find

  2. Hi! I found your blog while writing a post on the etsy forum - promotions (was trying to promote my blog, I'm not an etsyan). Anyhow, I'm now a follower - LOVE that little white cabinet!

  3. Thanks Susan and Kady! Glad you both found me, & I am following you both as well :)

  4. OMG I loooove that shabby cabinet - I can't believe your found it for $8 at a thrift shop! <3

  5. Thanks's finds like that which just feed the addiction!!

  6. Loving that cabinet. I love the little table top cloth, is that a doiley? Beautiful. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.

  7. Thanks Simone! I think it's a handkerchief :)