Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bertha - A Dirty Girl

Hello Blog World...I'd like to introduce you to Bertha!

As you can see, she's VERY DIRTY!!

I know that like me, you can see her potential...those curves, those lines....those claw feet!


...she's just so dirty!!

Thank goodness I plan to use ASCP, so won't have to spend too much time prepping. Still, the inside is going to be a little tricky...

Love these stamps!! I wish I could somehow preserve them...they're stuck inside.

I'm feeling ASCP Country Grey...any thoughts? I haven't decided yet, and I'd love your input!!

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  1. I love your desk! You know that I am a huge fan of Country Gray and I think it would be a fabulous choice for this piece! I can't wait to see it after you have worked your magic :)


  2. Wow! What a beautiful piece! I agree with Gray!
    Have a nice weekend, Mona Kay!