Sunday, August 14, 2011

French Country Cottage

In the mood for another give-away? Check out Courtney at French Country'll love her blog, and what she's giving away!!

Don't forget to leave me a comment on my giveaway post to be entered for one of my new items of your choice!!

Mona Kay,


  1. Hi Mona Kay! I will have to go and check out the French Country Cottage.

    Thank you for leaving your comments on my blog. I know my blog is kind of at a stand still right now. I'm real close to closing it down as I don't have any really cool furniture or shabby things to show people right now and I have a whole garage full of furniture waiting to be painted, but you know what? I'll be darned if I'm going out and working out there in over 100 degree heat! Hey Momma didn't raise no fool. so maybe I should just put my blog on stand by till October or so? Geez anymore it seems like so much work just to blog!

    But, I guess the reason I am saying all that is because it seems you are about the only one that leaves me a commment ! Thank you! You are a blessing ♥

  2. HI Mona Kay!
    Thanks for popping in to my blog and introducing me to the French Country Cottage! I wish I lived closer...that rustic table of yours is very chic!
    I am looking forward to your "soft line."